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Our B2B Lead Generation Company Strategy

Chances are if you are reading this it means a couple things. The first is that you are motivated to grow. The second is that we used our exact strategy to reach out to you that we are going to use to gain new leads and clients for your business. Among many things, we are a leading B2B lead generation company.

Does it work? I can answer this with an astounding YES!

Here is the process:

We have built an amazing, automated system that uses AI to identify the top prospects by the thousands in any GEO location you want.

After we identify them we craft a proven outreach message, a follow up message, and an email message to engage with the prospects.

Our system is two pronged. The first is we use LinkedIn and implement our tactical and effective outreach on autopilot. In addition, we have built a tool to identify businesses on Google and scrape the data to a spread sheet which is then double checked for data validity based on a large number of variables available on the internet.

Then we send those prospects an email that is compliant with all laws here in the US.


On LinkedIn, you will gain hundreds to thousands of hyper targeted connections and all you have to do is sit back and speak with all the interested parties daily. This is nothing more than a numbers game. 

It doesn’t have to stop at just 1 outreach account on LinkedIn. We can scale it to 3, 5, 10 accounts all with related but different messaging that works towards your ultimate goal of gaining new clients.

Everything You Need to Know About the Different Types of B2B Leads

The types of b2b leads are divided into two categories: high quality and low quality.

High quality b2b leads are qualified and ready to buy. They have a need for the product or service that the company has to offer. Low quality b2b leads, on the other hand, are not that interested in buying from your company. They might not even have a need for what you're selling.

The difference between high-quality and low-quality b2b leads is in their interest in purchasing your product or service. High-quality b2b leads will be interested in buying from you, while low-quality b2b leads might not even have a need for what you're selling.

Who are Key Players in the B2B Marketing Industry Today?

There are many companies that are at the forefront of B2B marketing. The top 10 companies for b2b marketing include:


– Salesforce

– Adobe

– Oracle

– Marketo

– Hubspot

– Google

– LinkedIn

– Adobe

Looking for a B2B Lead Generation Company?

We have developed a highly targeted and super effective outreach program. We get directly to the C-Suite executives phones and they get a notification of a message being sent to them. We continue to follow up until the prospect says no or yes.

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