What is a Reputation Management Company?

Reputation management is the process of identifying and managing a company’s reputation. A reputation management company is usually a third-party that manages the reputation of a company. It may do this by monitoring and analyzing public sentiment about the company, or by planting social media posts that put the company in a good light.

A reputation management company can be beneficial to any type of business since they are able to take care of all aspects of managing their online reputation.

Some Mind Blowing Stats

  • Businesses that have 9 or more current reviews earn 52% more revenue than the average
  • If a business has more than 25 current reviews, that increases to 108%
  • 72% of consumers won't buy anything until they have read reviews
  • 93% of customers will read reviews of local businesses to determine its quality
  • Businesses that have at least 4 review sites with active and current reviews earn an average of 46% more revenue
  • Negative reviews stop an average of 40% of buyers from doing business with you

The Importance of Personal Branding and Online Reputation in Today's World

A personal brand is the sum of a person’s experiences, values, beliefs and attitudes. It is the image that an individual projects to others in order to differentiate themselves from other people. Personal branding has become increasingly important in today’s world because it has become more difficult to gain social capital and network connections.

Personal branding is important for both individuals and businesses. A strong personal brand can make it easier for an individual to find employment or build a business. For businesses, a strong personal brand can help them attract customers and investors.

How to Manage Your Online Reputation with these 7 Strategies for Successful Reputation Management

Online reputation is an important factor for any company. It is important to keep your online presence in check and up-to-date. There are many strategies that you can use to manage your online reputation. Some of these strategies are:

1) Keep a positive tone

2) Monitor the feedback and comments on your social media channels

3) Pay attention to what others say about you

4) Respond quickly to negative feedback

5) Use testimonials from customers, clients, or partners

6) Create a social media policy for employees and contractors

7) Respond in a timely manner to customer complaints

Reviews Generation
Online Reputation Improvement
Better Conversion Rate

Do You Need a Reputation Management Company?

Buddha Marketing is the best reputation management company on the market. We specialize in boosting our clients brand reputation in highly effective ways. We utilize their past and current clients by encouraging them to leave a review.

People are inherently lazy for the most part unless they are pissed off about something. So we must give them a reason to leave a review. 

We have mastered this and we deliver hundreds of cumulative reviews to our clients on auto pilot.

Best of all, if your customer isn't happy, we filter the review and redirect it to your email so you can speak with the client and see what you can do to turn their experience into a pleasant one.

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