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Creating a corporate logo is one of those tasks that can be easily neglected or delegated when running a company, especially if you’re a venture capitalist. 

It is a mortal sin to suggest a fellow entrepreneur disregard the value of branding. In the same way, we wouldn’t recommend that a start-up owner delegate the final clearance over their logo to anyone.

The main reason is that a logo is tough to get right and incredibly simple to get entirely incorrect. The logo is also one of the most vital branding elements; hence, getting it right is critical. 

Here are five common misconceptions about logo designs: 

1. Basic or Generic Logos Are Not Ideal

In terms of functionality, a basic or generic logo works. But you should always consider different options before settling on the first iteration. You might find yourself going back to your logo’s original design.

Change elements like the shade, typography, and symbol to get a range of alternatives. Naturally, it’s also imperative to be completely transparent about who you are, what you offer, and the principles of your business. These qualities will be reflected in a stunning logo that will distinguish your business from the competitors.

2. Clone Logos Are Acceptable

In terms of standing out, it’s bad enough when a company’s logo is a clone of another that doesn’t even compete in the same market or industry. However, it’s worse when your logo is identical to your rivals’. 

Some would claim that making a logo that resembles a well-known brand will help you stand out in a market of successful competitors. However, imitation logos are attempts to deceive potential clients, and nobody likes to be tricked.

3. Colors Are Simply Your Preference

When choosing brand colors, there are several things to take into account. The decision you make could have a significant impact on how successful your business will be. 

The time you invest in studying the competition is significantly crucial. The same is true for studying color psychology. Your target market and their color preference are also relevant. 

To sum up, don’t just choose the color of your preference. You must also enjoy the cohesiveness of the colors to your branding, are proud of it, and want to flaunt it to your target audience, knowing they will like it.

4. Chaotic Effect Is Catchy

Packing too many elements into too little space could be a chaotic outcome. Consider a scenario in which your unique logo has more than three icons. Even a few things that are just out of position can cause the same reaction.

5. Branding Efforts Is Expensive 

Any company should refrain from trying to build a brand on the cheap. This is not to say that your logo needs to be very expensive. You can always find affordable alternatives. There will always be a logo design team that offers quality services at highly competitive rates.


Contrary to popular belief, creating a good logo is neither simple nor complicated. Yes, there are a lot of different elements, but the main focus is on introducing yourself and your company clearly.

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